Semi-automatic blow machine LR-15L bottles

Semi-automatic blow machine LR-15L bottles

LR-10L Semi-automatic blow mould machine can blow the raw material of PET, PP, PC, PE, PS and such plastic raw material bottles or any similar packing containers. The max blow stress can be 4.0Mpa, use the advanced blow control system, with the high quantity blow mould, make your products more strong, transparency, and more competitiveness.

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1. Stable performance with advanced PLC.
2. Conveying preforms automatically with conveyor.
3. Strong penetrability and good and swift distribution of the heat by letting the bottles rotate by itself and revolute in the rails simultaneously in the infrared preheater.
4. High adjustability to enable the preheater to preheat preforms in shapes by adjusting the light tube and the length of the reflecting board in the preheating area, and eternal temperature in the preheater with an automatic thermostatic apparatus.
5. High safeties with security automatic-locking apparatus in each mechanical action, which will make the procedures turn into a state of safety in case of a breakdown in certain procedure.
6. No contamination and low noise with the air cylinder to drive the action instead of the oil pump.
7. Satisfaction with different atmospheric pressure for blowing and mechanical action by dividing the blowing and action into three parts in the air pressure diagram of the machine.
8. Strong clamping force with high pressure and double crank links to lock the mold.
I. Two ways of operating: automatic and manual.
9. Safe, reliable, and unique design of the position of valve to make the air pressure diagram of the machine easier to understand.
10. Low cost, high efficiency, easy operation, easy maintenance, etc, with automatic technological process.
11. Contamination is avoided for the bottle body.
12. Ideal effect of the chilling with the chilling system.
13. Easy installation and starting

Max container volume 15L PET
Theoretical output 280pcs/hour
Heating power 35kw  normal 22KW
blowing pressure <4.0Mpa work pressure:≤0.8 Mpa
Mold stroke 290mm
temperature control 14 unit ZKD
mesurement of main blower 2050*700*2000 L*W*H.unpacked
Measurement of preheater 2100×700×1600 L*W*H.unpacked
weight of main blower 1300kg net weight
preheater system far infrared Rotary heating system
Mold thickness 250-350 mm


LR Semi-automatic Stretch-blow Moulding Machine Configuration
Component Name Model B Model C Model D
Main frame Whole set casting Whole set casting Whole set casting
Mould moving Mid-moving platen Mid-moving platen Mid-moving platen
Clamping cylinder Ningbo Joint venture MOHO, Japanese SMC
Japanese sealing parts
Sealing cylinder Ningbo Joint venture MOHO, Japanese SMC
Japanese sealing parts
Stretching cylinder Ningbo Joint venture MOHO, Japanese SMC
Japanese sealing parts
Action/operation valve South Korean YSC German BOSCH German BOSCH
Blowing valve Ningbo American Pneumatic American PARKER
Process controller Nanjing Bothfit Japanese MITSUBISHI Japanese MITSUBISHI
Monitor Nanjing Bothfit Japanese MITSUBISHI Japanese MITSUBISHI Touching screen
Frequency converter French SCHNEIDER French SCHNEIDER French SCHNEIDER
Pre-heater Infred self-rotary Infred self-rotary Infred self-rotary

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