Jars Automatic Blowing Machine

wide mouth bottle blowing machine is divided into hand-inserted bottle automatic blowing machine and automatic preform automatic blowing machine , according to customer demand can be customized, mainly used in food cans, candy bottles, cans and other diameters in the 50mm-130mm between the pet plastic containers. Stable output of two cavity can reach 1500 bottles/hour.Especially suitable for the  food  production or food packaging manufacturers .

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Jars automatic blowing machine

    Jars automatic blowing machine description

Jars automatic blowing machine is divided into hand-inserted bottle automatic blowing machine and automatic preform automatic blowing machine . It can be customized, mainly used in food cans, candy bottles, cans. The bottles/containers diameters can from 50mm to 130mm . Stable output of two cavity can reach 1500 bottles/hour. Especially suitable for the  food  production or food packaging manufacturers .

Main technical features for Jars blowing machine

腔数 number of cavity 1
理论生产量 theoretical output PCS/H 800-850
最大吹制容量 max container volume L 2
瓶口最大直径 max neck diameter MM 100
瓶子最大直径 max container diameter MM 115
瓶子最大高度 mould thickness MM 260
允许模具厚度 mould stroke MM 240
最大移模行程 mould stroke MM 130
模具两腔中心距 stretching stroke MM /
整机功率 power of main blower KW 16
实际耗电量 actual power consumption KW 8-10KW
工作压力 working presure MPA 0.8
吹瓶压力 blowing presure MPA 小于等于2.0
主机尺寸 measurement of main blower MM 3000*1700*2000
上料机尺寸 measurement of elevator MM /
整机重量 weight of main blower KG 2000

All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

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Company information

Ningbo Longrui plastic machinery co., LTD is an internationalization, customized services and high-end solutions company specializing in production high-speed blow molding machine.

LONGRUI machinery integrating advanced technologies and concepts at home and abroad. Professional design, production and sale three kinds, more than 20 specifications automatic/semi-automatic  blow molding machines. It is suitable for production all kinds of plastic bottle products with PET/PP/PE as raw material,volume from 5ml to 40l, such as spring water bottle, space cup, light cover and so on. With excellent quality, stable performance, superior cost performance , we are devoting ourselves to technical research in order to build up good reputation&famous brand. We have already established business relations with more than 60 countries in Asian, Middle East, Europe, Africa, America, Australia….

There are departments special for machinery and pet preform mold development. With foreign advanced technology and management system, under advantage of our solid technical power (professional engineers, large-scales workshops,good design techniques), we are capable of developing different kinds of plastic forming process and machinery to provide the best quality products and service to the customers, High quality but reasonable price has been widely approved by our customers China and abroad.

Focused on customers, cored on quality, the corporation and customers are viewed as a untied whole. Customers’ requirements are all we should do.

Company service 

Technical training

The professional after-sales team is responsible for the comprehensive technical training of the customer, including the operation and use of the machine, the guidance of product testing method and daily maintenance.

Equipment maintenance

all our products are guaranteed for one year, and maintenance service is provided for life.After-sales team 24 hours online, free telephone counseling, technology return visit, remote monitoring, technical solution and other services.

Technical support

our technical department is committed to improving machine performance stability, upgrading control software, expanding equipment functions, etc., to provide customized services for customers.

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