Cosmetic bottle blowing machine

  • Cosmetic bottle automatic bottle blowing machine

    Cosmetic bottle blowing machine has thin-walled and thick-walled models for customers to choose. Especially in thick-walled bottles, we have a wealth of experience. Our thick-walled bottle blowing machine enjoy a high visibility in the domestic. In a peer-leading position. At the same time in 2016,  we have successfully designed cosmetics bottle-mouth positioning machine.
  • Jars Automatic Blowing Machine

    wide mouth bottle blowing machine is divided into hand-inserted bottle automatic blowing machine and automatic preform automatic blowing machine , according to customer demand can be customized, mainly used in food cans, candy bottles, cans and other diameters in the 50mm-130mm between the pet plastic containers. Stable output of two cavity can reach 1500 bottles/hour.Especially suitable for the  food  production or food packaging manufacturers .

  • sterilized alcohol bottles blowing machine

    Sterilized alcohol bottle blowing machine is a professional machine used for blow Sterilized alcohol bottle. It can produce the bottles from 10ml to 1500ml. and the theoretical output can be 1200~1600 bottles per hour.

  • Hot-filled bottle automatic blowing machine

    Hot-filled bottle automatic blowing machine can be molded in 150 degrees, heat resistance is higher than 80 degrees, with frozen pet bottle crystallization function, effectively prevent pet molecules relaxation phenomenon, the retention period is more than 45 days.Mainly used in fruit juice and beverage packaging, such as iced tea, green tea, orange juice, etc., this machine can also blow water bottles.