Manual automatic blow molding machine

  • 20L fully automatic blowing machine

    20L fully automatic blowing machine can blow edible oil barrels and pure bucket below 20L, such as 18.9L Pet five gallon pure bucket, 15L disposable  pure bucket, etc., suitable for oil factory, bucket water manufacturers . Full-servo high-speed blowing machine is currently my company’s most advanced, fastest model, clamping, stretching, displacement are driven by servo motor, with high speed, high precision, good stability, energy saving, environmental protection and so on. Mold positioning installation, Mold can be easily changed in half an hour.The six-cavity blowing machine output can reach  9500 bottles/hour.   

  • Cosmetic bottle automatic bottle blowing machine

    Cosmetic bottle blowing machine has thin-walled and thick-walled models for customers to choose. Especially in thick-walled bottles, we have a wealth of experience. Our thick-walled bottle blowing machine enjoy a high visibility in the domestic. In a peer-leading position. At the same time in 2016,  we have successfully designed cosmetics bottle-mouth positioning machine.
  • Single-Servo two-cavity automatic blowing machine

    Single-Servo two-cavity automatic blowing machine is the most advanced two-cavity automatic blowing equipment on the market currently. capacity to achieve a single cavity maximum 2L servo-driven, compared with  traditional cylinder drive, more stability, more accurate. and low noise.Can be 24 hours of continuous work, especially for the production requirements are not high, the product type of many plastic factory, pesticide factory use.

  • Single-Servo six-cavity blowing machine

    Single-Servo six-cavity blowing machine is our company designed for customer whom demand for large production and high speed equipment. the biggest feature of the model, that can be based on customer demand, directly with 18-6 of the triple-filling machine line, no need any other bottle unscrambler, in this way,it can reduce the investment and labor costs of customers.Applicable to the production of mineral water bottle, carbonated beverage bottle, salt soda bottle, stable output under 750ml can be as high as 6500 bottles/hour.

  • Single-Servo four-cavity automatic blowing machine

    Single-Servo four-cavity automatic blowing machine adopts servo shift, double-curved arm clamping, speed, clamping force, maximum 2L, mold positioning installation,mold can be easily changed during half an hour , applicable to the production of salt soda bottles, mineral water bottles, pesticide bottles, gas beverage bottles production.The stable output below 750ml can reach 4500 bottles/hour.

  • sterilized alcohol bottles blowing machine

    Sterilized alcohol bottle blowing machine is a professional machine used for blow Sterilized alcohol bottle. It can produce the bottles from 10ml to 1500ml. and the theoretical output can be 1200~1600 bottles per hour.